Maybe the main reason is because I am a bit “crazy” like him. Indeed, TV Free since 2003, I don’t follow trends, I listen, analyse, think then decide.

I realised that our society (occidental or so — called “modern”) was going wild, because of our choice of economic system. After chasing growth by dept and dept by growth, it pushes us to expend what looks like a Ponzi Scheme. The danger of the process has been derived and demonstrated in the Fear Pricing Theory and le Manifeste de la Raison Objective.

I don’t accept neither absorb, I think

Clearly, I am crazy in this superficial world (*)… some of us are already fed up by the glory of the appearances!

· The world largest old economies are hugely in dept.

· Liberalism does not make any sense, as we are all interdependent not free; we are prisoner of the system!

· We spent time to follow the life of people pretending to live thing …. What a lost of energy!

Kanye, don’t worry, If the world agree to your craziness, take it as a compliment!

Let’s open the doors of a new world full of common sense by supporting our values …

(*) it will end soon. Indeed, we are in transition; some parts of the world are ready for a new era.

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    • 4 ans ago

    OUAAAAAAA enfin quelqu’un qui prend parti pour Kanye . Yes he see clearly that why people think he is crazy .


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