The marketing is about the market study. In theory, it is the study of the market and the way to influence it. In practise, it is the analyse of the market, the business plan and the execution.

The communication is more about the way you make your services or products visible, the way you influence and interact with your market.

The communication is a tool to succeed your marketing goal.

Before the 2017 election, I rose my concern about the way people process their vote selection; in others words, what are the key elements leading their final choice?

I met few Macronist, for most of them, it was about youth, ambition and vision.

The first video was about a young well educated woman enable to provide an upgrade of his selection process.(videos)

The major issue with Macron was his lack of vision, Macron said it himself:” What’s the point to have a programme!?”

Macron was the candidate of the emptiness; I win for the win. For me focusing on the essence, I could not stand this candidate. What change or revolution could he be the representative, as he was the liberal voice in the ears of the so-called “socialist” Francois Hollande.

After his victory, France woke up confused between the satisfaction to have avoid the far-right party and the dizzy feeling of being raped by this OVNI supposedly “social liberal”.

“Victory of the Youth symbolism of a new era with a program built up from the bottom”.

The promises was huge, and a lot of sceptical wanted to believe on his ability.

The press and social media praised the Macron communication team. I was totally off, I did not see any excellence in Macron communication (different of the candidate communication). It is the opposite, If I respected the run, I could not do the same for the man. I respected the fact that while making huge communication mistakes, he did well. It was far behind the lack of program, he was doing huge fault after fault.

A. Leader?

He went off at his stuff when reading a pitch “who wrotes this? I don’t even understand it!”

B. Never Went to a Train Station?

At station F, he was talking about the train station; people active successful travelling with hope and vision then finished by opposing them to the ones who do nothing.

C. 2 types of people the one with a suit and the unemployed ? (Barnet Simpson way [character of How I Met Your Mother],Gay actor playing a straight player character)

At some point before a conference in the South of France, he told a syndicalist protesting that the best way too have his suit would be to work.

He was presuming that the protestor doesn’t work and that every worker has the ability to pay this type of suit.

D. Living with 1K the month ?

Nothing seems to stop him, when asked about the way of life with 1Ke, Macron responded after thinking a bit “I know about it, I used to have 1Ke as pocket money (from my parents) for my study”.

He was not president yet but the worst was the smile on his face; it was a child happy to prove his teacher wrong. He was a clear sign of disconnection from the bases.

E. Right or Left? Capitalist, is not he?

We don’t report all the communication about which part of the political map was his party or himself as person : right or left?

F. Well Educated?

He is supposedly a well-educated individual but can’t put French Guyana in a map. No it is not an island!

G. President with a sense of humour?

Can we talk about his sense of humour when he referred to the kwassa-kwassa (boat) and the comor migration to mayotte, can we ? (please google it, similar to Holland and his joke on surviving from Algeria trip)

Given the limited number of letters, lets just enumerate a few more:

What about his interview and his rhetoric JCVD for the WWF “Money cant be eaten”?

What about his background, is he the French excellence representative?

What about, during an advisory meeting; “ We put a huge amount in the social minimum but people are still poor!”

What about , “If you want your job, you just need to cross the street” It is similar to a Sarkozy line but at least Nicolas would have taken the information of his interlocutor and take action.

Macron was just saying. Clearly he is trying to be Nicolas bis, but Emmanuel don’t have any consciousness of the gap which separates him from the French people.

What about, the party representative stated about the reforms “we have been too smart to be intelligible!”?

It was during the “Gilets Jaunes” (yellow jacket) strike

What about, “I won’t failed to the lazy, to the extreme…”?

Clearly, he has problem to communicate. He does not realise that the artistocratie is a minority, He should be the president of all the French People. Clearly Macron communication is not good, it is quiet difficult for him to realise it as he won. How can his communication team did not adjust at all? He should be more objective and admit that it is a Marketing victory and not a communication victory. The marketing strategy to push for visibility on the mainstream media communication was the main win factor (if not the only) of his victory. Nothing to do with his potential or abilities. More he talk and more he face up with his owns contradiction; socialist liberal or liberalist social? He was well sum up by another candidate Mr Asselineau “Mr Macron agree with everybody”. A lot of people made fun of his “Mais en même temps” which can be translated by “At the same time” a linker able to concatenate one thing and his opposite.

A simple image is the following : take a glass of top water put a micro bite of lemon. Macron is this product which has been sold as the new innovative low calorie drink without additif, colorant or conservator (neither nutritional value). It is how marketing and communication can change the value of a cheap limonade tastless.

Paradoxe of the limonade :

A glass of water is less expensive than Syrup based on concentrated red fruit+ water, the last cheaper than a sparkling water + Syrup, the last is cheaper than Limonade + Syrup= diabolo (extra sugar)… then the trick appears … the last is cheaper than sparkling water with Syrup less concentrate because it is light version,with low calorie (communication). A good way to make you pay more for less. the last is cheaper than Perrier which is just sparkling water supposedly high quality sugar free and natural.

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