It is question?

Saturday night was a great boxing night. In fact, the looser was already known… it was Antony Joshua alias AJ. Indeed, he is the holder of the 4 belts let vacant by the former champion Tyson Fury.

It was an incredible fight, and the draw between these two giants are justified. Be careful, I did not say that it is fair result but legit given the fact that boxing is also links to politics.

Tyson Fury was winning in points, maybe slightly but he was the one boxing during most of the rounds. Yes, he has been dropped twice but I had him winning for a bit. Nevertheless, it would not be fair (yes I use the word) to ignore the fact that Tyson was Knock Down in a incredible damaging fashion on the 12th round. It was so dramatic that the reflex of the referee was to call out the fight. He did not count immediately, Tyson get up at 12 seconds. Therefore, he was knock out.

The only not rational in this fight, was this counting in the 12th round. Don’t get mad, I am not biased but confused because at home the seconds should have been faster.

In term of words, only Wilder delivered, yes, they both declared that they are going to knock out their opponent. Only Wilder was closed to this, he is so confident that he gave 20 pounds to his opponent.

It is important to realise that it was more than a simple fight; these two champions have an history. Tyson was very criticized because of his use of freedom of speech. He has always spoken his mind. The last was lost after depression. He made an incredible come back. On the other hand Wilder is a singular champion, he is almost not known in America mostly because he does not have a proper promoter. He is a free agent which pissed off the boxing industry; how does he dare to be successful by himself. He was its first pay per view.

Both have been declared as the future of heavy weight boxing by a famous boxing trainer.

Where is AJ in this story?

Nowhere to be found.

He lost it, he was the attraction but how can it be the best by avoiding the two-best heavyweight contender? What is he waiting for to unify the division?

Maybe it is not his fault but clearly his legacy is already damaged by the politics around him.

First, I was not impressed by his gold medal which was clearly pushed by Lennox Lewis pressuring the judges. Care must be taken, AJ made his own path by achieving a remarkable series of wins. But too much politics let him on the side… He is now the B-side because of the Boxing Business.

How can AJ decide to fight the winner of White-Chisora?

Wilder has taken risk; by facing Ortiz who has been ducked for many years by many champions and faced last Saturday Tyson Fury without any obligation.

In fact, behind this fighting business, there is a business war between England and USA. The entourage of AJ wants to protect the milk cow. They don’t want to take the risk of losing the lead on the division but by doing so, they discredit the champion.

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