Marketing vs Communication : Macron Case

The marketing is about the market study. In theory, it is the study of the market and the way to influence it. In practise, it is the analyse of the market, the business plan and the execution. The communication is more about the way you make your services or products visible, the way you influence […]


La Raison Objective se propage…

Je me souviens des premières lignes de ce Manifeste… je le voulais assez simple pour être compris des plus jeunes pas encore formatés mais assez complexe pour donner une vision claire et objective de notre société ainsi qu’une capacité argumentative claire .et organisée pour les plus ancrés dans notre système. Le problème traite est universel, […]


Why the 232 UFC card has been moved to Los Angeles?

What is the link with the “Gilets Jaunes” French revolution? The MMA is the fastest growing sport of the last 2 decades. The UFC have been bout 4bilion $ by the WME-IM group. It is a huge conglomerate; WME being a talent agency representing movies, television, music and more whereas IMG is an international sports, […]


Who is the looser of Wilder vs Fury ?

It is question? Saturday night was a great boxing night. In fact, the looser was already known… it was Antony Joshua alias AJ. Indeed, he is the holder of the 4 belts let vacant by the former champion Tyson Fury. It was an incredible fight, and the draw between these two giants are justified. Be […]


Je suis JCVD

Je ne suis pas de ce monde… J’ai arrêté la Télé depuis 2003 ! Je tombe malencontreusement sur le BUZZ du moment, la participation de Mr Jean Claude Van Dame (#JCVD) à l’émission On n’est pas couché (#ONPC). Si les débats avec madame / mademoiselle S(*) ont été assez tendu notamment du fait de l’intervention de […]


Why can I understand Kanye West and not you?

Maybe the main reason is because I am a bit “crazy” like him. Indeed, TV Free since 2003, I don’t follow trends, I listen, analyse, think then decide. I realised that our society (occidental or so — called “modern”) was going wild, because of our choice of economic system. After chasing growth by dept and dept by […]


Rich Dad vs Poor Dad under Fear Context

First of all, before any comments, I have to acknowledge the work of Robert Kiyosaki. Figure 1 Cover of Robert Kiyosaki book He is almost right on everything. I even recognised my parent’s talk on his description of Poor Dad mentality. Indeed, I come from a poor background with a single parent where education was […]