What is the link with the “Gilets Jaunes” French revolution?

The MMA is the fastest growing sport of the last 2 decades.

The UFC have been bout 4bilion $ by the WME-IM group. It is a huge conglomerate; WME being a talent agency representing movies, television, music and more whereas IMG is an international sports, events and talent management agency.

At this price tag, it is money time for the brother seller but clearly the UFC has now the duty to perform. I can see the trend exposed before the acquisition; Conor vs Diaz, Conor vs Alvarez, Conor vs Maywether, Jon Jones vs DC. But as all the start-up, UFC has to deliver the expected (overperform).

Now, belt vs belt (champion vs champion) will be common, they call it super fight but they would probably arrange super tournament.

In the search of growth (perpetual growth), the UFC has no choice to provide at least 6 super fights per year. Would it be enough?

Would it be necessary?

At the UFC event 232, they moved the entire card to LA. Some claim that they are losing money with this decision.

Lets do the maths

Main Event of UFC 232

Clearly the uncertainty of the last potential card is the worst case scenario in term of business. Thanks to this LA solution, the business is the only real winner of the bout! The UFC is showing is new way of dealing with problem, it is not about image, fan or sport beauty, this is a Money Business!

Even for a picogramme (or “pictogram”), sanction should be applied. What are the limits?

“It has nothing to do with reinjecting!”

How can we believe it when JJ has been tested positive before. Far from this argument, what is the meaning of being tested positive? What is the goal of the USADA?

The link with the Gilets Jaunes, is the fact that our society are not a meritocracy. In the same way Macron is not working for the people but for the ones who promoted him. Clearly the UFC is not concerned about the fan anymore, this is just business “it is what it is!”

The change of location is not related to JJ but only to business. If G win, it would affect the entire expected profit of the company. Some huge match up wont occur whereasshareholders need a JJ vs DC 3. More than this, they need an invisible Conor. Indeed Tyron and Khabid are ver talented champions but as DC not a huge PPV cow.

JJ is not a problem, the sport business is the issue, Macron is not the issue but our choice of economical system is!

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